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Eating Out

October 7, 2011

As my first week embracing veganism draws to a close, I have to admit the one thing I am most concerned with is eating out.

I love to eat out. More than love, I flove to eat out. It makes me happy, I love to try new foods, I love to sit with a friend or my husband and chat over our meal. It’s just wonderful.

But, I’m a little intimidated to eat out as a vegan. So far, I’ve gotten vegetable maki (sushi) twice, and just this afternoon I went to Chipotle. Where they, thankfully, list vegan options right on their website. Still, not every restaurant does this, and so, my nervousness kicks in.

Maybe this is a good thing though. I’d like to make time to cook more at home (I love to cook, I’m just lazy about it sometimes), so not having as many options as before might be beneficial for my pocket book. We’ll see.

I am excited though, because next week I will be going to a raw vegan restaurant with a good friend of mine. I’ll have to post about that next week.

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