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October 25, 2011

I’m about to embark on my fourth week of veganism and am closing out my 30-day challenge. I’m super excited that this has been such a success and that I’m able to embark on this change to my lifestyle. It’s truly been a wonderful time and I’m amazed at how understanding my friends have been.

Saturday night we had some friends over for a game night, and everyone was super accommodating, agreeing easily to a Japanese restaurant. Woo!

Things are becoming routine for me and I am enjoying that. It’s easy for me to decline foods I once would have eaten and to enjoy new vegan foods. I’ve also been cooking quite a bit more and I LOVE that. At the beginning of 2011 I made a New Year’s resolution to try 1 one recipe a week– or 52 a year. I’m more than half-way there and am super excited to be trying something new all the time. My mother has even agreed to veganize quite a few of our “traditional” Thanksgiving Day recipes.

I’m so happy that I finally made this commitment and love the way I feel.

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