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Chicago Vegan Mania!

November 6, 2011

Party On!

Yesterday, I attended Chicago Vegan Mania with my dear friend Steve. I had never heard of this event before, so I wasn’t sure what to expect going in. But it was awesome!

Chicago Vegan Mania has been around for a few years and is a place where vegans, vegetarians and omnis can come to learn about veganism. There is more food than you can possibly eat, exhibitors set on selling you their cruelty-free wares and helping to educate folks about the vegan way of life, cooking demos, presentations, a poetry jam, and so much more!

Steve and I wandered around for over 3 hours and I’m not even sure we saw all there was to see! If you’re ever in Chicago in the fall, definitely think about attending Chicago Vegan Mania. Next year they’ll be in an even bigger and better space!

Chicago Skyline as we drove into the city...

The event was held at the Pulaski Park Field House in Wicker Park. Steve and I drove into the city from the ‘burbs and I snapped a picture of the skyline. Not bad for a camera phone through the windshield!


The ALWAYS packed Food Court

Chicago Vegan Mania isn’t only a vegan event, it’s a green event. Last year, nearly 90% of the waste from Chicago Vegan Mania was either recycled or composted.

Going Green

But of course, what would pictures be without FOOD! Steve and I ate ourselves silly. In a good way. It was so fun to be somewhere that I could eat ANYTHING in the entire place.

Chicago Style "Beef" Sandwich

Half of my Chicago Style 'Dog. No mustard!

Orange Chicken & Brown Rice

These were just some of the delicacies you munch on. There were vegan bakeries, there was bbq, there were all different types of vegan cheeses. I was so overwhelmed. I was like an ADHD kid in Wonka’s Chocolate Factory. So much to see and do!

My cruelty free purse!

Of course I did some shopping. I came away with a new purse, 2 bags of Dandie’s marshmallows, and a bunch of new vegan cheeses that I plan on purchasing pretty soon. If I wasn’t so broke, I would have bought EVERYTHING.

We also attended a speaking event on vegan body building and met up with a few friends of Steve’s. Everyone was so nice and friendly. It was a wonderful place to spend the afternoon!

So there you go! Chicago is a great place to be vegan and I’m so glad I attended this event!

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